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Minor Update 2.0.3
Bug fixes Changelog: Fixed a bug that disabled jumping in rare cases after performing a spin dive Fixed an issue where jumping was disabled after certain action...
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Minor Update 2.0.2
More small bug fixes and improvements Changelog: Fixed a bug where Rodent's Wrath aura was displaying incorrectly during certain cutscenes Fixed an issue with f...
3 files
Minor Update 2.0.1
Hey again! This is just a minor update to follow up the release a couple of days ago. This patch brings a few balance tweaks and bug fixes that I found while p...
3 files
Major Update 2.0.0
Hey everyone! Sorry, I know it's been a while, but the Burnny Burrow Update is finally live! Yay!!! This update finally makes the stage "Burnny Burrow" availab...
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Minor Update 1.1.1
Hey guys! This is just a small update fixing a few bugs that were brought up on the forum, as well as some I found myself after playing around a little more wit...
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Balance Update 1.1.0
Hey everyone! Sorry this is a little late; I wanted to get this patch out yesterday, but it ended up being a lot more work than I had originally anticipated :(...
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First Release
Hello everyone! Today marks the initial release of the first playable demo for Mabby on! It's still pretty early in development, so it might be a little...
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