Major Update 2.0.0

Hey everyone! Sorry, I know it's been a while, but the  Burnny Burrow Update is finally live! Yay!!!

This update finally makes the stage "Burnny Burrow" available to play, as well as adding a wealth of new smaller features to the game (new effects, more secrets, player statistics, new music, updated visuals, new cut scenes, and loads more!)

I'm really interested in everyone's thoughts, so please, play away and let me know what you guys think!

Outside of some minor balance changes, this will probably be the last major update the game gets until the full commercial release, and that's probably gonna be quite a ways away... But in the meantime, I'll be more active on social media and on here to provide you guys with more screenshots and gameplay footage so you all can see how things are going :)

Hope you all enjoy!!!


  • "Burnny Burrow" is now available to play! It hasn't really been tested by the public yet, so please let me know what you guys think (especially about the difficulty, since that's usually that's the hardest part to get right)!!
  • Added more secrets to every level—and more lore! But you'll have to look carefully to find it all :)
  • Certain cutscenes can now be skipped (namely the stage "Admission" and a new added cutscene at the end of the game)
  • Updated visuals in all stages
  • Updated Chalkboard and Stage Select music (I'll get to redoing more songs eventually, but I'm really bad at composing music ehehe so it's kind of hard for me :( sorry)
  • The "Statistics" tab to the right of Mabby's profile on the stage select screen now displays relevant information about player stats (enemies slain, shots fired, death count, etc.)
  • Effect descriptions changed to be more detailed
  • The Hatcher name changed to "Drop Shot;" no longer spawns a Berdlet on max bounces, but deals more damage and can now bounce 4 times
  • Updated visuals and sound effects of all Decals
  • Spin dive windup time lowered from 0.25 seconds --> 0.2 seconds
  • Moved position of several artifacts (Chalk Sticks, Decals, Party Boxes) to be more relevant to current mechanics being taught
  • Added tooltip the first time a new weapon is brought into a stage so you actually know how to switch to it lol
  • Improved audio/visual feedback on hitting shielded enemies
  • Various updates to smaller minor effects

*Oh, and as an added note, if you've played before, you might notice your cleared percentage on older files might be inaccurate now that new features have been added. If you load an old file and start playing more, it'll be updated once you come back to the title screen.

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Dec 01, 2019

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